If you have some tree in your garden then you are surely hosting some birds every day. If you are a bird lover and wanted to welcome more and more birds to your garden, then you also need to have some birdhouses so that your feather friends can feel safe and come to your home regularly. The pre-made bird houses can become little expensive so why don`t you try making DIY bird houses. This can not only be a fun activity but it can also help you in saving some money.

Wooden Birdhouse

If you have some experience in the field of woodworking then you can easily make a wooden birdhouse. It is lot easier for you to start with and the birds will surely love it.

Old Tea Pot and Drawer

An old tea pot and drawer can make a perfect birdhouse. You just need to attach the tea pot upside down with drawer. Last thing you need to do is to glue the top of teapot at the bottom of drawer to make a landing perch.

Customize birdhouse with Pennies

If you want a really simple DIY birdhouse then why don`t you purchase a premade bird house and customized it to give a personalized look. Once you buy a birdhouse you need to paint it and then glue some pennies on its roof. The important thing that you need to care for in all this is to use the adhesive carefully so that the roof won`t fall.

These are just few simple ideas for DIY birdhouses which you can follow and come up with beautiful birdhouses. Other than this there are some other ideas too or you can come up with your own by just using your old material which is not being used currently.