Are you one of those lucky ones who are having garden in front of their house? If this is so and you are looking to enjoy your summers in your garden, then making a DIY tree swing will help you a great deal. You can enjoy the hot days of summer by enjoying your tree swing. For all this the only thing you need is to have a big tree in your garden. If it is present than you can easily make some great tree swings on your own. Following are some ideas.

Old Tyre

If you have just replaced your old car tyres and you have one of them with you, then it can easily be used as a tree swing. You can tie it with strong ropes and hang it with the tree and start enjoying it. You can also color the tyre to give it a great look.

Pillow Swing

A comfortable pillow swing can be made by using your old or unused pillows, by placing them on a wooden seat. You will surely enjoy this DIY tree swing more than anything else.

Wooden Pallet

This is the most used and commonly seen tree swing made with the help of simple wooden pallets. For this you need to cut a normal size wooden pallet and tie its end with the rope and hang it on a strong tree branch and enjoy your swing.

Round Chair Tree Swing

You may find an old round chair easily from local store or sale which can be used as a beautiful tree swing. This chair should be hanged properly with the ropes and to add some extra comfort you can add a pillow or some other comfortable material. You can make this DIY tree swing easily by without spending a lot of money.