Do you have some empty wine barrels available with you? And you thought that these are of no use for now and looking to throw these away or place them in your store? If this is so then why don`t you reuse them? There are many ways in which you can use them, some of the wine barrel reuse ideas are as follows.

Wine Barrel Table

An old wine barrel can be easily converted into a wine barrel table. For this you just need to add a wooden piece on top to give it a table look. You can choose any shape for wooden table top.

Barrel Side Table

Another great option for you to up cycled the wine barrel is to make side table for your patio. For this you just have to cut it into half and place on both sides of your sofa. This way you can get two side tables from one old wine barrel.

Barrel Garden

One of the best wine barrel reuse idea is to make a barrel garden. This is a great way, because in this you can make a beautiful garden without using normal garden pots. You can paint the wine barrels with different colors to make your garden look beautiful and stylish.

Outdoor Sink

If you are looking to build a new outdoor sink in your garden, then utilizing an old barrel for this shall be a great option. You just have to choose a place where you can install this sink. It will look unique and attractive at the same time.

These are few easy wine barrel reuse ideas which you can choose to implement in your home. Other than these you can also choose any other way to reuse your old wine barrel. Good luck!