Some of you may have old ladders available at home which can be used for a lot of different new things, so don`t throw them away. Some of the easy and workable plans that can be done by reuse old ladders are as follows.

Climbing Vines

An old ladder which you have sidelined because it’s not strong enough for you to climb can now be used for climbing vines. For this you just need to fix it to the ground and start planting climbing flowers and vegetables on both sides. When your plans start climbing it, you will get a perfect centerpiece for your garden.


Another great DIY idea to reuse old ladder is to make a perfect bench for your garden. You can make a bench by placing base on either side of ladder. You can place wooden support or a wooden support as per your choice. You can also add back support by attaching a wooden pallet with the help of screw.

Plant Stand

If you are looking to place small plant pots in your garden then you can use old ladder as plant stand. You can place the pots on each step of your ladder.

Kitchen Towel

You can add a beautiful kitchen towel stand with reuse old ladder. You just need to place your old ladder in kitchen and start hanging your kitchen towels on it. To make it look extra colorful and beautiful, you can apply new paint on the ladder.

Extra Blanket

Are there some extra blankets available with you, if yes then you can easily hang it on an old ladder. For this you can place it against the wall and display your blanket. This way you won`t actually have to hang anything on the wall.