No matter if you are living in a small space, there are many easy DIY projects that you can execute even in this small space and make your home look beautiful. There are simple organization projects which can easily help you a great deal in creating small space DIY project with innovative ideas. Following are some ideas to follow.

Over the Sink Shelf

When you are living in a small space even the smallest of empty places should be used properly. Similarly you can add a shelf over the sink where you can easily able to store a lot of items. You can easily build a shelf with the help of scrap pallet.

Magnetic Knife Rack

This is a creative small space DIY project purely design for your kitchen. With a magnetic knife rack you will be able to store your knives in a secured manner and avoid unwanted scraps and cuts. The only thing that you have to make sure is to squeeze some silicon in the rack before you place the sticking magnet.

Shelf above Door

Another great idea for bringing in more storage space option is to add a shelf above your room door. This is one place which is usually not being used for any other purpose. The good thing is that executing this idea won`t take long as well as don`t required a lot of money and skills.

Under Bed Storage

This is one of the most common and easy small space DIY projects. You can easily make under bed storage for your shoes as well as clothes. You can also easily attach casters to these storage boxes so that you can pull these out easily. You can choose any sort of storage boxes to be placed under your bed as per your requirement and bed height.