Picture frame is one thing that is placed in every house and almost every room. Have you thought of using these picture frames as a décor in your home? If no then you are certainly missing on something really interesting. There are lots of options through which you will be able to make elegant DIY picture frames on your own and make your home look beautiful.

If you have a simple picture frame at home, it looks boring no matter how interesting is the picture itself. So to make it look great and attractive you can simply add some DIY flowers to its edges. Another great idea to create a customized picture frame is to make frame from old window. It will surely look great and you will also able to utilize your old window which was previously placed in your store room. This window frame can be decorated with painting and pictures and can give a great impact if you hang it on the walkway of your home.

If you are one of those who are in love with cars then you can use your old car parts like car mirror as table DIY picture frame. You can place it on your room side table. It will surely look unique. Another option of having a beautiful picture frame is to use old bookcase. You can easily remove the pages from your old book and make it a beautiful picture frame. It will be a solidly built frame that will look great addition to your home décor. To make it more beautiful and colorful, you can choose a colored book case or can color it with your favorite colors.

These are some simple and easy DIY picture frame ideas that you can easily make on your own and that too without spending a lot of money.