As we know that bath mats are washable and inexpensive, but this should not stop us from creating our own DIY version. The most surprising thing in this is to create DIY bath mats with unconventional material. So if you are interested in creating your bath mats, following are some ideas.

Loopy Yarn Bath Mat

If you are in love with knitted items and wanted to have a bath mat of same style and material, then you can easily create one for yourself. It will not only feel soft under your feet but will also help you to fulfill your taste requirements.

Quilted Bath Mat

In case if there is a spare quilt available with you, that you think you don`t need in future, then it can be perfectly converted into a quilt bath mat. It will also be helpful in utilizing your old scrap goods.

Wooden spa bath mat

Another idea for DIY bath mat is to make one with the help of wooden pieces. You can get an IKEA decking kit, which is easily available in square shape. You can attach these square pieces together to give them a look of wooden mat. This mat is much easier to clean and move as compare to others.

Cotton Rug Bath Mat

A quick way to make a non slip bath mat is to buy gripping shelf liner and sew it or hot glue it underside the mat. This is so simple and don`t require any expertise. If you think that the size is not as per your requirements, then you can easily adjust it by trimming and then apply glue.

These are some easy and cost effective DIY bath mat ideas. You can choose any of these as per your choice and availability of material.