Mostly the small house face the problem related to storage space, but it can also happen with anyone especially when it comes to storing kids items, like their clothes, shoes and toys. So if you are also facing the same issue related to kids’ clothes storage, then following are some easy ways through which you can deal this issue.


If you have an old bookshelf available with you and is currently not in use then you can convert it to a clothe storage. You have to remove all the inner shelves to give it a perfect look of closets. One thing that you need to access is that if the bookshelf is of good height than you can make a double closet by adding a second rail. Other than this the bottom of this bookshelf can also be used for storing some nice cute baskets.

Under Shelf Rail

Another stylish kid’s clothes storage idea is to make add a curtain rod under the industrial shelving. You can use this curtain rod for hanging your kids’ clothes in a proper manner. Further this shelve can be used for placing toys.

Ladder Rack

This is a unique but beautiful kid’s storage idea. With this you not only able to showcase your kids clothes. To make this, you can mount the old ladder horizontally with the help of heavy duty shelf brackets. When you are done with this you can easily hang clothes on each step of ladder.

These are few simple and easy to execute clothes storage ideas. Most of these ideas won`t take a lot of space in your kids room as well. So this is an added advantage of these DIY kids clothes storage. Other than these you can also make different clothes storage with other unused material which is available at your home.