Miniature stone houses are currently very popular as decoration as well as DIY activity. There are few important things that you keep in mind while making DIY miniature stone houses. The selection of stones for making these houses is the most important among all. You should try to find small and smooth stones of uniform size. By constructing a stone house you will be able to educate your child about initial masonry techniques. Here is a stepwise guide for building miniature stone houses.

First of all you need to draw a rectangle of 1 foot by 6 inch as a footprint of stone house with chalk. You should leave 2 inch opening for door on the front side. Now you have to place stones on the whole chalk outline. In next step you should make a cement pudding by mixing 1 cup cement mortar with water. You can do this mixing in a small bowl. When the cement pudding is ready to be used then you should add similar stones on the previously placed stones with the help of cement mortar. Take a ridged cardboard and cut a small piece of 2 inch by 6 inch to insert in doorway.

Following the same process of adding stones you have to build your DIY miniature stone house. You can insert a 2 inch window with the help of corrugated cardboard. You need to completely built the front and rear wall of your miniature house with triangular shaped roof eaves. You can make a roof with the help of plywood. For this you can cut a plywood piece of 7 inch by 8 inch with table saw. This plywood can be attached as rooftop with the help of mortar. You can paint your DIY miniature stone house roof with your favorite color and leave it to get dry. You can remove the cardboard from window and door after the mortar get dry to have opening to your house.