A #letterbox outside your home is a must thing, because it will help you in securing your bills and other important documents which may be delivered through courier. There are lots of options through which you can build a strong beautiful DIY #letter #boxes ideas for your home. Following are some suggestions in this regard.

  • If you have an iron box available with you then you can easily use it as a letter box. It will be a strong protective case for your mails.
  • Are there some small bushes or trees outside your house? If this is the case then you can use anyone of them to uphold a beautiful letterbox. It will not only look beautiful but will remain protected as well.
  • In case you are looking for an easy yet classic option, then you can easily purchase a premade kids toy house and use it as your mail box by making little changes to it.
  • A simple box can be converted into a DIY letter box for your home. You can easily find a small box laying vacant in your garage. You can make this simple box looks beautiful by applying different color paint to it. This makes it vibrant as well as easy for the postman to see it.
  • A wooden drum can also act as your mailbox as it can not only secure your mails but also look unique and show your taste.
  • Is there a steel container available with you, which you think is of no use now. Then you can easily convert it to a mail box and place at your house gate. It will help you in securing your mails properly.
  • A plastic box can easily serve as a DIY letter box for your home. You can create a colorful plastic box on your own or can get a readymade one.