If you are looking to give a whole new look to your home without spending a lot of money, than doing fresh paint is a great idea. Same goes for door makeover. By just applying fresh and different paint coat, you will be able to make your room look great. The important thing is to select the paint color carefully. Some of the paint ideas that you can choose are as follows.

Glossy Black

If you are thinking to change your front door look and color then you can easily do this with by applying glossy black color paint. You can also add a wreath to make it look extremely beautiful.

Blue Beauty

To make you ordinary door look appealing you can add cerulean coat. It will make your door look electric. You can also add your house number on this door to make it look little different than before.

Bright and Cheery

You can easily upgrade your home door look by applying a punchy aqua paint coat. Once you do this door makeover, you will get to know that how small changes can bring a lot of attraction to your previous dull exterior.


If it’s the fall season and you are looking to update your door paint, then you can make it purple but keep in mind that it will not look so good for other seasons, so you may have to change it with the change in season.

Dull and Faded

Another easy door makeover idea is to replace the dull and faded kicker, knocker and brass handle which may also get outdated. The important thing is that when you are looking to replace them the hardware got some holes and rust which should be dealt properly and new handles should be attached as per your choice and new styles.